Should you be better at French by now?

Should you be better at French by now?

When we're looking at a situation from the outside (e.g. when we're helping a friend about a problem they're facing) we tend to be able to add valuable advice. We're a "fresh pair of eyes" or have a "different perspective". When we face a very similar issue ourselves...

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How to be more confident in French

How to be more confident in French

When English speakers start turning what French they have in their heads into actual spoken words they struggle to have a French speaker actually speak to them in French. I encountered this BEAUCOUP when I first moved to France and was finding my feet. In this post...

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Free 30-Min Spoken French Game Plan call

I wasn’t sure and not confident to start speaking French and always trying to postpone saying I need to finish this book, I need to master grammar…and learn vocabulary which never ends. There is always new words to learn…
What Alex told me to do was just start. He gave me the confidence that in order to speak we need to start speaking now. There is no right timing and it’s ok to make mistakes. We learn by talking.

Khoren P, Montréal

Digital Marketer from Armenia

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