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Foire aux Questions

Is a French coach the same as a French teacher?

No. Working with me as your French coach means that you have support as you learn to develop the habits required to be a successful French studier.

I accompany you, offer accountability and guidance, as you navigate the French language, and implement the learning and mindset techniques I teach you.

I don't teach you the French language, but during our coaching sessions, we work on whatever you are struggling with at that moment, including linguistic challenges with grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc.


How does a coaching session differ from a language class?

As my student, you come to me with a foundation and some study/practice activities in place. During a coaching session with me, I teach you one of a number of techniques, show you how to increase your confidence, or answer questions you have about the language.

As part of one of my programmes, you pay per week. During that week, you get my continuous support via text and email.

I live in Montpellier! Can we do in-person coaching?

Bien sûr. Location, and schedule-permitting, we can have our sessions in person :).

I love what you do, but don't need coaching. Do you offer another service?

Depending on what you are looking for, I might be able to help. In the past, I have created personalised study packs, and offered one-time coaching sessions. Send me a message or a book a free call here.

My situation is particular. Can we talk about it?

Yes, you can book a call with me here.

Do you work with beginners?

Not absolute beginners no. I only work with people from A2 level upwards. Not sure of your level? Check here: https://www.languagelevel.com/french/index.htm

I believe absolute beginners should work with a teacher who can give you the foundations of the language. After that, if you want to learn how to teach yourself, get back in touch with me :).

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