"Parlons Grammaire"


You feel good when you know you are making progress in French. But, too often, courses move from one grammar topic to another too quickly, without giving you a chance to internalise the previous rule and its nuances. I know, because I've been through it.

Parlons Grammaire allows you to learn at your own pace, with a new grammar lesson each week accompanied by a 1-hour conversation session in which you can reinforce your new knowledge, make mistakes and get corrections alongside other learners.

Level - Intermediate

The grammar is taught in clear English and is suitable for intermediate level learners or advanced level learners wanting to refresh old topics with a fresh take. Each lesson builds on top of the last. A new theme each month.

A new cycle starts January 29th

Two packages to choose from to suit your budget and preferences.

November's theme was: The subjunctive.

Several themes will be available in 2022.


How It Works


Each month there is a new grammatical theme

Themes are chosen based on what English speakers typically struggle with most when learning la langue française. Examples: The subjunctive, or things like relative pronouns (que, qui, dont, ce dont, ce que...).


Every Saturday a new lesson on a sub-topic of the theme

I break down that theme into manageable chunks otherwise known as lessons, taught in clear, logical English with plenty of examples.

You go over the lesson in your own time via your personal training area on the website.


Quizzes and worksheets with every lesson

Accompanying the each week's lesson is a quiz and worksheet to check your understanding of what you've learned and then personalise it to your situation, hugely increasing the likelihood that you will retain it for good.


Option: 1-hour group speaking practice

The best way to make what you learn colle (stick) fast is to USE it. There are 3 weekly chances for you to practise the topic of the week, get corrections, and have general conversation practice with the other learners.

I publish the notes, corrections, and replay from the session for you to review!


Option: Practise 24/7 in the Telegram group

Get access to an exclusive community hosted on Telegram (computer, tablet, and mobile) where you can ask questions, practise your French, and generally bring some more French into your everyday life.


What Students Are Saying

The coursework and homework materials are developed with English speakers in mind, which makes it easier to grasp the French context and grammar.

Alex is a great teacher; he is very patient and encouraging, and takes the time to explain things. The group chat was a bonus and allowed me to inject a little bit more French into my regular life.

I highly recommend this course, it makes learning French fun and I've met a lot of nice people along the way!

Vicky Popa

Learning French from Canada 

Parlons Grammaire does a great job integrating grammar fundamentals into practical usage. By that I mean that grammar training is approached not only in a lesson or exercise, but by using it immediately in conversation.

Instead of just filling in a blank, you are using the new grammar points to converse with other people.

This helps the mechanics of the language to become a part of you. Something that you will use more automatically and understand more fully when heard.

Frank VanVolkinburg

Learning French from the U.S.A.


I'm Alex & I'll be your teacher

👋  Salut ! Moi, c'est Alex, et toi ?

I'm English but I've been living in France and learning the French language every day for several years now. You may know me from my YouTube channel.

I love grammar because I love the challenge of understanding (and using!) the sometimes complex logic behind the rules of this beautiful language. Many French people have even told me I know the grammar better than them!

We can't truly say we've learned grammar until we can comfortably use it, and that's the motivation behind this course Parlons Grammaire.

I look forward to working with you very soon.


Two Packages


Take a Sneak Peek

Get a taste of what you'll get by viewing a sample lesson from a previous edition of the course. Please note: November is the first month where video lessons are included so there is no video in the sample lessons.


7-day money back guarantee

If you're not happy with "Parlons Grammaire" after the first week, just shoot me an email and I'll give you a 100% refund no questions asked.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still benefit if I've already learned the grammar from the current month's theme?

Ça dépend...

There's learning the grammar and then there's putting the grammar into practice. If you can confidently say that you understand the logic and can use it in writing and/or conversation then this course (at least this month) isn't for you.

However, these lessons can provide a fantastic refresher for topics you have some familiarity with, explained in a clear and concise way. Also, with the option of speaking right away in the conversation sessions, you'll clear up a lot of nagging doubts over grammar that quickly add up when we only half learn something before moving on to something else in a traditional French course.

What's next month's theme?

I'm currently revamping the course and new themes will be available in January, including:

  • The subjunctive
  • Object pronouns (en, y, lui, leur, le, la, les...)
  • Relative pronouns (que, qui, dont, lequel...)
  • The past tenses
  • And many more planned as the year goes on.

In which format are the lessons taught?

Lessons are taught in both video (since November 2021) & written format, broken down into separate topics.

You will be able to go through them by navigating through the interactive website or by downloading a PDF copy.

Do you offer a free trial?

No but if you're a new student and you're not satisfied after the first week of lessons you can message me for a full refund, no questions asked.

Where does the name "Parlons Grammaire" come from?

It has a double meaning, which is something I love:

"Parlons grammaire" literally means "let's talk grammar" or "let's focus on grammar".

But by using "parler" it's also emphasising that this is a speaking-based course.