Topic 1: Navigating your course and lessons

Please read these simple instructions/tips carefully.

Each week you see a new lesson appear in your course on the Mes Formations / My CoursesParlons Grammaire page.

Here is the course home page with an array of lessons.

Topics within lessons

Some lessons will be broken down into separate topics (you’re in a topic inside a lesson right now!). You can click the Expand button against any lesson to see these.

Clicking on the lesson name itself (Above: Les pronoms relatifs – Lesson 1 – Intro, que, and qui) will take you to the lesson’s homepage, which may contain useful information on the lesson as a whole, as well as a link to download a PDF copy of the lesson.

Work your way through the lesson/topics, clicking on the Mark Complete / Next Topic buttons in order to move on to the next and track your progress in the system.

This is the view of the homepage for the lesson shown above. As you can see, the topics are visible on the left, and under the lesson description.

Quiz + Worksheet

At the end of the list of topics (or lesson if there are no topics) there will be a quiz to take followed by a worksheet.

Go to the next Topic now to see how to fill out the worksheets and save your changes.

When you’re done exploring, head back and see the packages.
See the packages