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Do you teach French?


With me as your French coach you learn to be comfortable speaking the language through changing your mindset, learning how to learn, acquiring the ability to more objective and less subjective, and overall more positive and assertive when it comes to everything you do for your French.

With a good base in French already, our focus is getting you to be a better speaker.

Your time for practising French is with your private tutor that I pair you with, however, you can come to me with any doubts you’re having about French itself during our language Q+A sessions. You’ll also be working on your knowledge of French with resources that I can provide you.


How does a coaching session differ from a language class?

As my student, you come to me with a foundation and some study/practice activities in place. During a coaching session with me, I teach you one of a number of techniques, show you how to increase your confidence, or answer questions you have about the language.

Then for 7 days after the session, your investment includes support whenever you need it. We implement habits, and habits take repetition and time. I'm happy to be there to make sure what we talk about "clicks".

I live in Montpellier! Can we do in-person coaching?

Bien sûr. Location, pandemic, and schedule-permitting, we can have our sessions in person :).

My situation is particular. Can we talk about it?

Oui, bien sûr, you can book a call with me here or write to me following the instructions here.

Do you work with beginners?

Not absolute beginners no. I only work with people with a base in the language from around A2 level of knowledge upwards. Not sure of your level? Check here.

If you're a beginner I recommend finding a 1:1 teacher on Here's my link to sign up*. 

(*If you use this link and add $20, we both get $10 free)


My question isn't here. Can I contact you?

Certainement. Go to my contact page to reach out.


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