Avoir de supers résultats comme eux

Jessica found the confidence to approach a woman and chat about their respective dogs. Something she wouldn't have done before.
Jen greater confidence and ability became known in the office as colleagues were happy to continue in French rather than switch to English as they'd done before!

“Before working with Alex, I was frustrated with myself for not focusing on French more. I was also switching to English whenever possible as it was easier. His programme is completely tailored to your needs and how your life works. He helped me try more often and to focus more. Now, I feel much more confident about putting myself into situations now where I will have to speak French and not automatically switching to English when the chance comes.”


Montpellier, France

“Now I can communicate on just about everything whereas before I could only do simple things like ask for water. [Working with Alex] was the best decision I’ve ever made with my French journey.”


Epinal, France


Nous fêtons nos progrès en équipe

My win of the week was speaking more French with our friends when we had dinner than I did the last time we met. The last time it was none - haha. Also, my comprehension was significantly better so even if I couldn't get out the words in French I could at least follow along!
Last night I had a meal all in French. My partner's friends were passing by Lyon on the way home, she had to work late. Instead of cancelling I just hosted alone... In French. Was actually great, but tiring.

“Before Alex I was totally blocked and lacked self-belief in my abilities. I’d also easily give into speaking in English because I didn’t want to be that person who had to ask them to repeat themselves or tell them that I didn’t understand. Alex has given me the confidence to believe in myself. He gives you structure and I’m kinder to myself now. I refuse to go backwards to where I was before and I’m not going to undo all our good work. The good habits I’ve formed with Alex are now always at the back of my mind and I’m going forwards since working with him.”


from the UK

“I needed a change of mindset in how I approached my French because I was quite negative, and Alex took the time to put together a concrete plan instead of saying just listen to movies or the radio. He is somebody who has experienced what we’re going through and he has gotten there. He learnt French quite quickly compared to other people and he will put you in the right mindset to get you there quicker yourself.”


Angers, France