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Olivia is English, living and working in La Grande Motte in the south of France.

She lives with her French partner and they work in the boating and hospitality industry, taking guests on cruises on board their bosses' yacht. Everyone on board speaks French. Talk about a pressure-cooker environment!

Olivia had been in France for 5 years and had fallen out of love with French. Her reliance on English and her partner put pressure on the relationship.

She recognised that her attitude was an issue, and despite taking some classes with private teachers and having a good streak on Duolingo she was frustrated that she wasn't getting anywhere with speaking.

She resonated with the idea of my program because of its focus on mindset, structure, accountability, and the fact that I as an expat in France had walked a similar path to hers.

Listen to her experience (in French!) after just 4 weeks ⬇️.

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