avec Alex

Teaching v Coaching.
Quelle est la différence ?
How much does it cost?
Get your questions answered ?

Alex's nerves used to get the better of him when confronted with French.

Now he tells the plumber what to do!

"Alex is the Bob Ross of French."


I needed structure because I had absolutely no structure and I just wasn’t progressing. I knew I wasn’t going to survive in France if I didn’t get out of that rut. The things Alex teaches about organisation and motivation I can apply to other areas of my life - it’s like life coaching.

Working with Alex lifted me out of a rut and now I’m able to communicate on just about everything whereas before I could only say basic things like ask for water. It was the best decision I’ve ever made with my adventure with French.


Vivant en France

*Bob Ross was an American painter and TV personality. Je n'ai certainement pas ses cheveux…

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