Effective Memorisation


Move over list drills and premade, unpersonalised flashcard decks. To really get vocabulary to stick you need to connect with it on a deeper level.
My mini-course will give you the tools to do that so you can remember more with less time wasted.

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C’est quoi ? What is it?

In this mini-training you will learn why 2 common approaches to memorisation are flawed and costing you time and effort, and how to go about things a different, more effective way to remember more French vocabulary by following a simple 2 phase process.

We all want a fast solution to things and software can really help make that possible (as indeed you’ll see in the video lesson), but it’s actually your approach and your mindset when it comes to thinking about sticking vocabulary (and whatever else) into your memory that have the biggest impact.

Qu’est-ce que tu auras ? What will you get?

The mini-course includes:

  • A 21-minute video lesson from me detailing my method and WHY it works.
  • A PDF guide to how to create your own personal French language lists on Memrise.
  • An example step-by-step guide showing you how I put the method into practice.
  • Your own template for you to fill in or use as a guide to get it working for you too.

C’est déstiné à qui ? Who’s it for?

  • Anyone who’s self-studying French (even if it’s alongside classes), at any level.
  • Perfect if you enjoy learning by writing as my method involves creative writing.
  • If you’re willing to go slow to learn fast, then it will work great.

Qui devrait s’abstenir ? Who isn’t it for?

  • It’s not for you if you just want an app to do everything for you (part of this training teaches creating personalised lists in Memrise but it’s just a small part).
  • If you aren’t proactive or interested in directing your own study, it isn’t for you.