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Just by watching, liking, commenting, and sharing, you support me. Thank you so much for giving me the belief that what I create helps, and for helping me reach more people! However, if you want to (and can) financially support what I create, there a couple of ways you can do so.


Ko-Fi is a platform that allows you to donate 3€ (or an amount you choose), either with a one-off donation or with monthly sum. In exchange, I have created some rewards for you as one of my most special supporters.
More information on the rewards that await is on my Ko-Fi page. Click on the button below to head there now.

2. Donate without rewards

If you’re not interested in the rewards I offer through Ko-Fi, and you just want to help me continue to create content, merci! You can do so by clicking any of the buttons below.

3. Buy “franglophone” merch

“Franglophone” is the name I’ve given to those of us who speak English, and are learning French, because we speak “Franglais” whilst on our path to fluency (and even after). I’m always designing new products. Take a look in the store.

Below is just a sample of what’s available. Click on each image to go directly to the product page in the store.

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Abonne-toi to my Newsletter

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