Mes clients de coaching ont beaucoup à dire…

Julie P - Happy French in Plain Sight Coaching Student

Working with Alex to overcome my mental block in being able to speak french has been a life-changing experience for me. I’m an intermediate French learner but all my life I’ve been frustrated by my lack of ability to just speak french when the opportunity arose.

Before working with Alex I was totally blocked and needed some help to get “unblocked”. Alex understood and seemed to totally get it.

He restored my belief in myself and showed me some simple but great ways to overcome my fears. He introduced me to using French with intention and setting weekly goals so I could easily see my progress.

With his help and support, I’m now at the stage where I am really enjoying speaking in French regularly with several language partners and my French prof – the fun is back in French – and I couldn’t have done it without Alex.

Ciara M - 1:1 Coaching Student

Before working with Alex, I was frustrated with myself for not focusing on French more. I was also switching to English whenever possible, as it was easier.

Now, I feel much more confident about putting myself into situations now where I will have to speak French and not automatically switching to English when the chance comes

The coaching made me focus on integrating French into my everyday life and much more willing to put myself into situations where I had to speak French.

Ciara M - 1:1 Coaching Student

Now, I have more direction, more organization in how I create my goals and feel that I have a system in place for me to more easily attempt and complete the things I have set for myself.

Thank you for everything. It was a great experience!

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